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Lake Aeration is one of the most important things a fishery must do. Oxygen can slowly move out of water for various reasons. These reasons are thunderstorms, to much bait carp pellets, over stocked as well as other things. A fishery needs lake aeration and water aeration to be on hand so the water aeration can be switched on very quickly. The new aerators can have a simple circuit built into them that switches the aerator on when the oxygen drops below a set amount. This high level of oxygen keeps the water clear and fish healthy. Fish eat about 33% more food with lake aeration. Because fish eat more food when there is higher oxygen they also get caught more, from a fishery consultancy view this then leads to happier fishermen higher match weights and more customers, so for a small investment lake aeration can make more money for you in higher catches. Lake aeration protects fish stocks and increase revenue. Lake aerators are also used on fish farms for higher stocking densities

For peace of mind get lake aeration for your fishery.

Different lake aerators

There are different lake aerators to choose from.

The most effective lake aerator is the splash aerator. this water aerator moves water higher in the air causing it to mix with oxygen causing a quick oxygen increase in water. The splash aerators are also easy to install and easy to put in the lake. This means you can keep these lake aerators on hand and use them quickly and easily.

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The other lake aerator you can use is the Force 7 these inject air into the water and push the water mixed with the air out into the lake. This gives good aeration without disturbing the water so you can run these lake aerators constantly without disturbing the water surface.


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Why Lake Aerators Are Important For Water.
Lake Aerators are with most lakes and water features, especially in the summer months when oxygen is too low. Without lake aeration you will get a lot of problems with water quality as well as low catch rates and ultimately fish deaths
This happens when aerobic bacteria will not degrade organic matter, instead it is digested by anaerobic bacteria, this produces Methane, Hydrogen sulphide but the quickest acting is the carbon dioxide. Lake aeration pumps much needed oxygen in the water body so the bacteria can still act naturally but with lake aeration it does not affect the lake or the fishing.
In Natural Lake that are not fished lake aeration is generally not needed as nature has a natural balance when large fish stocks are introduced this causes an imbalance in the lake. This defiantly needs lake aeration. Lake aerators work by throwing water into the air which mixes the air with water. This lake aerator then increases oxygen in the water.
Increasing aquatic plants in the lake will help with oxygen but generally lake aerators are needed.
There are different types of lake aerators
Paddle wheel aerators : These are the most efficient aerators and cause a lot of increased oxygen very quickly the usually cost of paddle wheel aerator are around the £500.
Splash Aerators : These are lake aerators that throw the warer into the air with a propeller. These are much smaller than the large paddle wheel aerators and are very efficient. Normal cost of the splash aerators are about £500
Air injector lake Aerators : these systems are designed for low water disturbance they are good aerators that suck air from the surface and blow it into the water below the surface. The usual Cost of these is about £700
Don't risk your fish get your lake aerator today. Lake aeration is important.