October Koi Blog

It's the cold season. This is when the heating bills rise but it's also the time to start to get ready for the Koi Spawning.

We spawn KOI In late October/September so they grow well and are ready for sale come the start of spring. This makes sure we have enough stock to push through the summer as we nearly always get sold out of Koi very quickly.

October 21st 2008

The Koi from september have been moved to the grow tanks and are progressing well. Now is the time to keep grading the koi, which can be hard work or the big koi eat the little koi.

Grading Fun in the Koi Farm!!!!!!

October 2009

What a year! The Fish Farm equipment is starting to move; we have sold over 280 of the Koi Breeding Books as well as the Fish Farm consultancy in America, and Poland it has been quite a year. The fish farm has done well and again sold out of all fish this year leaving some disappointed but you can't please everyone. The best seller this year by far has been the Shubs (shubumkins) They were sold out as soon as they reached 2" the whole tank went to a wholesaler. More Shubs for 2010 I think. The winter is a very good time to sell those big Koi I have a list of phone numbers that I call at this time of year and sell off the last Big Koi and Goldfish in the tanks cheaper than in the summer but they still sell very well.