September KOI Archive

Weather Koi Farming

The UK weather is never a safe bet. We are now having a hotter September than most years; this is good in some aspects of Koi Farming but not good in others.

1st September 2008

Just hatched a batch of Koi had a very good spawn and a near 90% hatch rate for koi fry. The koi fry are clinging to the sides of the Tank Good batch of fish, estimated that we have about 120,000 koi fry. Now the hard work begins.

21st September

Just moved the new Koi Fry from the long raceway tank into the next tank which is deeper.  This gives the Koi Fry more movement and they grow quicker; now the easy bit begins. The deeper water also makes the Koi grow bigger as it makes their pectoral fin muscles work harder to swim up and down.

24th September

Had a mishap with a belt feeder on a Koi Tank: too much went in and we lost about 1,000 Koi, but that's Koi farming for you.

September 2009

Goldfish galore!!!

5th September

Just spawned a load of goldfish.  Got seven females and now loads of Goldfish Fry.  I have a good order for these fish already.