Aquatic Weed Control

Controlling Aquatic weed and Algae
Controlling weed and algae is one of the upcoming field .There are several control specialists especially for aquatic weeds. The way we will work to control weed is by identifying the type as well as the severity by which the weed has manifested, thus mainly focusing ourselves to the source of the problem.
One of the eminent reasons for weed infestation is the environment of the lake, problems arising from algae as well as catalyst which speeds the growth of the weed.
We have several tools and techniques which are ecologically safe and have proper knowledge about it. We have special made aquatic devices and experts, who can undertake any task or any situation, irrespective of the size of the pond or lake. Biologically identifying the weed, evaluating the infestation, mainly by measuring the problem, followed by effectively carried out practical solutions to those problems.
At present we are one of the only organization of aquatic management in UK who offers the distinctive controlled service for underwater weeds. Our policy is to avoid the usage of herbicides, thus being friendly with our eco system. So we have developed some mechanical methods to remove it. Cutting the weed as we do normally in  a traditional manner is equivalent to moping the lawn in the garden which not only leaves you dissatisfied but also the result is of short duration, because it will grow again thicker rapidly along with lot of debris in the floating weeds which is difficult to clean and manage.
The technology involved in Lake Raking is that, it employs a design which is requested, completely adjustable aquatic scan which is suited for all sorts of aquatic rooted weeds and trespassing species of water plants.
The process involves rowing over the submerged weed layer up to the area targeted and unloaded. Thus when pulled across the area targeted, the rake collects all the weeds from the legume or roots and also don’t leave the detritus. Moreover it also disturbs the sediments stocked in the water, thereby allowing the water to lose its turbidity. Ultimately it restricts the penetration of the light, thus making it difficult to carry out photosynthesis that’s required for its re growth.
Since the root is the target we can achieve a longer period of control without the risk of usage e of herbicides use. By the usage of herbicide there can be sudden crash of oxygen due to sudden death of mass of rotting weeds on the bed of the lake or any threat to the environment resulting in toxicity which may be cause death of several fish stocks or the flora and fauna which are protected. So by lake raking we are safe from such incidents.
Tons of weeds and sludge can be pulled in a day and can be removed which can even be used as best compost or manure.
A slight imbalance in the level of nutrients may cause the growth of algae, duckweed blanket weed etc. without allowing the survival of high plant species called machophyte, scientifically. The imbalance will be in a manner that, the nutrients shall be in a higher level or it can also be due to fertilizer usage which consists of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in high quantity all of which leads to the domination of the unwanted algae leading to eutrophication. Lake Aeration is also good to control this
Such unwanted growths if not properly managed will reduce the growth of high plant species causing an imbalance to the biodiversity and the water quality is also affected.
We can tackle the problem by removing the bothersome algae especially by manual means, and then we can adjust the ecology of the water body by balancing it physically, biologically and chemically so that it will never allow any algae to bloom in the water.
Our policy is to ‘be eco friendly’ –Various updated ways to say NO to herbicides
Aqua Librium Calcipure- a ‘Stillwater Management’ process- It helps to restore the natural balance level of water and can thus reduce the growth of algae and increasing the quality of water. This management is safer for growth of fish or any water born pets and has many other benefits including minimizing the sludge and silt.
Nutri Sponge -This is another ‘Stillwater fishery Management’ process in which ,the product when applied eats away  all the nutrients that are needed by the algae ,thereby competing with algae leaving the unwanted algae  dead. It is quite environment friendly.
Other methods which are useful include Barley Straw rafts, UV resistant dyes and Ultrasonic units, all of which should be used according to the situation where it fits best. We implement the best related solution and we also feel that the long term protection of water is by improving it by having a diversified eco system thus keeping it healthy.
Biological means of controlling weeds
By developing or farming fish like tench, bream, carp etc which feed the roots of the submerged algae from the bottom as these are underwater species of coarse fish, you can decrease the unwanted algae to some extent as these get uprooted resulting in death of the bothersome algae. Moreover these fish may also cause turbidity which will result in less penetration of light, thereby limiting photosynthesis.
All sorts of supply and delivery of such coarse fish can be arranged by us as we have our own fish farm we we farm carp for sale as well as other specied of coarse fish including tench bream and silver fish with consents of agencies regarding it and health check requisites.