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Sunset Carp Farm are a CEFAS registered (licensed) Hatchery we are not fish dealers. We breed/farm all our own fish so that we can control the genetics of the bred fish and can if needed breed fish for a specific order. Our Carp hatchery is state of the art and takes fish from egg and fry to 2"-3" in 8 Weeks when they are ready for sale as smaller fish for fisheries to grow on and restock. Sunset Carp Farm artificially spawn our fish so we can control nature, we spawn on average approximatly 100000 carp per year coarse fish are sold in the winter but preordering your fish for sale is essential as we get sold out of fish very quickly. CEFAS visit our fish farm on a 6 monthly Basis and test for SVC and KHV . SUNSET CARP FARM Farm deliver from Cornwall to Scotland we can deliver carp to the waters edge in our purpose built transport tanks. All of our fish especially the carp are fed on low oil carp pellets this is for the health of the fish and provides the fish with the correct vitamins and minerals for good growth and a healthy life without leaving the fatty deposits around the internal organs that trout pellets cause. Other fish farmers use trout pellets for faster growth knowing that when they will be sold before any health issue with the fish is seen, we only supply quality carp and coarse fish for sale. Buy from experienced Fish Breeders.

1000 +
2 - 4 inches
4 - 6 inches
6 - 8 inches
8 - 10 inches
Up to 250 lbs
More than 250lbs
More than 1000 lbs
10 inches - 3lb

We Have 10000 Left in Stock Fully Health Checked from our own hatchery

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