About Our Koi Farm

We started producing Carp and goldfish in 2003. The reason we used these fish is because they are cheap and we didnt know what we were doing from the start. The Koi farm happened by accident because of a poorly Koi that was egg bound. I still have that Chargoi and she still produces some of the best fish you can buy. The fish farmwas built after much research and design, this was our firste ever fish farm, We have since built farms in for Koi, Tilapia, Tropical Fish as well as shrimp and cray fish. The fish farm design we use is second to none. We have desined these Fish farms to run on as little as 300 Watts of electric.

Our Koi farm is in a barn 10 meters by 8 meters and we are currently expanding into a barn with 20 Koi tanks so we can grow millions of fish at any one time. The money in this market is amazing!  It is risky to the point of biosecurity i.e. making sure your brood stock don't come into contact with your fry, but that is about it. The koi farm at the moment turns over about £170,000 - about $250,000 - per year in Koi sales, and this is improving due to equipment sales like lake aerators, fish farming equipment and Fish Farm consultancy fees for me setting up other koi farms and Fish Farms around the world.

If you want to get into Koi Farming or Fish Farming I would recomend you start very small with one tank and sell a few.  If it's something you really enjoy then get bigger slowly and before you know it you could be in the middle of building a new barn like mine.

If you need any help or advice please email here or just buy the Fish Breeding book and see how easy it is to breed these Koi and other fish.

Koi Farm in a barn small KOI Farm in the barn
Koi Farm Tanks Koi Farm for Koi Fry

Koi Swimming Koi Swimming
Fish Farm Hatchery Koi Farm in the New Barn showing the four Grow On tanks.